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Tips To Prevent Tangled Tresses Tangled

Hair is a pain, literally. Knots are difficult to comb out and they can cause your hair to break. While longer hair and curly hair are more prone to matting, everyone should follow these tips to help prevent knots, tangles, and snagging.

1. Brush before you wash.
Vertically glide our Detangling brush through your hair before washing. This helps stop knots from forming when you shampoo.

2. Always condition after shampooing.

Massage a generous amount of your favorite conditioner into your hair, paying particular attention to the ends. Use our Detangle hairbrush to remove any knots you encounter. The conditioner should help the wetbrush glide smoothly through your tresses.

3. Dry Gently
Be careful of the towel turban, the twisting motion can cause tangles and sometimes breakage. Rubbing hair dry with a rough towel isn't a great idea either, instead, pat hair dry and gently squeeze excess water out of your tresses.

4. Seal your ends
After conditioning, spread a sealant over the tips of your hair to lock in moisture. This step will also help avoid snarls as it keeps your ends from twisting around themselves.

5. Care for your hair even while you're sleeping
Cotton bedding is commonplace, but your hair can catch on cotton pillowcases causing snarling while you sleep. Try wrapping your hair in a silk scarf or in our silk bonnets before bed. Wake up with knot-free and moisturized hair.

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