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Black Owned Family business based out of New York

Call us an Advocate for healthy hair :)

It all started when we were desperate to find an easier and stress free way to detangle our 4c hair. Regardless of all the promises given by the brands, these brushes could not cope with our tangles.

The Detangling brush solves all the problems at once, detangles a full head of hair in a few minutes, with no snagging or pulling.

Our detangling brush will take on your tangles like a warrior in a battle. With the sole purpose of creating an ultimate detangling brush for ALL hair types, we combined everything you were looking for in just one hair brush. No more need to spend hours detangling your hair - it will be all smooth and shiny in just a couple of minutes. 

The market offers thousands of different brushes for detangling, but there is only one that will perfectly work for you. At our company, we do understand people are searching for an easier way to maintain healthy hair, and therefore we combined it all in our brush and sleep bonnet.


  • Ergonomic design. Our brush will comfortably fit in your hand, and will not slip out when you are fighting with your tangles.
  • Durable material. The Detangling Brush is made of high-quality plastic that is flexible enough not to break while taming your curls.
  • Aesthetic design. For us, quality is as important as the appearance of our brush. Girly design, bright colors - it will look just great on the top of your vanity.

When you feel like your hair needs that extra dose of T.L.C., our detangling brush will come in handy. Have you ever thought that you can actually save time on detangling and make it a pleasant daily or weekly routine? Let our brush do all the work and tackle even the most distressing knots and snarls in your hair. Perfect for everyday use and after-shower detangling, our brush will be a number-one grooming tool on your dressing table.

Please drop us a line ( to tell us what we're doing right and what we can improve on or text us on 646-655-0556.
Thank you ❤️

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Detangling Brush (Buy 1 Get 1 FREE)

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