Bundle of 4 Brushes - The Detangling Brush
Bundle of 4 Brushes - The Detangling Brush
Bundle of 4 Brushes - The Detangling Brush
Bundle of 4 Brushes - The Detangling Brush

Bundle of 4 Brushes

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* NOTE: TO OUR BUNDLE OF 4 Customers

If you want any color combination, please place your order and email us within 10mins or less, we can switch up colors for you.

Make Washday a breeze, cut down your detangling time to minutes.
✅  Glide through your hair with ease, our Patended Flexible bristles design detangle any knots without snagging or pulling.
✅  Perfect for the tender-headed 

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Are you fed up of spending so much time to detangle your hair? Either daily or during wash days?

Our detangling brush is engineered to instantly detangle wet or dry hair, making styling quicker, easier, and pain-free.

Featuring a patented teeth formation that flexes throughout the hair without locking into tangles, it minimizes hair breakage and cuticle damage.

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Our brush easily removes every knot and tangle. It can be used on straight, curly, natural, thin, thick, kinky, frizzy, hair can also be used on hair extensions and wigs.

  Parents Approved

✅ Use in the shower to brush through conditioning treatments or after hair is dry for pain-free detangling. It is ergonomically designed to fit snugly in your palm for creative styling and easy handling.

✅ Easily glides through hair from the tip to the root which minimizes breakage and cuticle damage.

Our Customers have noticed about 95% less breakage during detangling sessions.

✅ Ergonomic design, easy to hold, use, and clean.

Made with durable and sturdy material

Flexible bristles evenly distribute pressure to minimize pulling, breakage, and snagging. 

✅ Parents and Kids Approved